Leadership Skills Training

It’s time to invest in yourself

Uncover your leadership potential

Then let it ripple out across the world

Who benefits most from developing their leadership skills?

Executives, senior leaders, emerging leaders, and anyone who is ready to take the lead and pulls up the courage to do something about it.

It’s your turn to invest in yourself. It’s never too late to reach for what you really want. It’s never too late to find out that you have more skills, resources, and opportunities than you imagined.

Communicating with impact

Your job as a leader is to make decisions, then communicate them to your team in ways that motivate and inspire them to take action.

This session helps you communicate confidently and effectively in formal and informal situations. You’ll understand how to make your spoken communications clear, engaging and persuasive.

Inspiring leadership

However ‘right’ your ideas and decisions are as a leader, they’ll never be more than ideas if you lack the ability to inspire others into action.

People have to know that you’re speaking with experience and from the heart.  So in this session we’ll use the power of narrative to let your authenticity shine through.

Executive presence

Some leaders seem larger than life. They have a presence – something that makes them stand out from the crowd and command attention.

By working together in this session we’ll unearth your natural presence, and nurture the gravitas and charisma that makes people take note.

Coaching Skills

Coaching skills allow you to develop trust-based relationships and empower people inside and outside your team. Once team members feel more confident and empowered, they up their game, which gives you the time to devote to more fruitful, value-adding activities.

Attend this workshop to revise and refresh your coaching toolkit, and learn new techniques for managing tougher leadership situations.

Facilitating high-quality meetings

Do you find yourself having to attend meeting after meeting that drags on, and no decisions to show for it?

In this practical team session, we’ll look at the conditions that facilitate high-quality meetings and spark the collective intelligence within your team. It’s perfect for developing your facilitation skills together with your team.


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