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Marien Perez - Leadership from the Inside Out

Most leaders have untapped resources

They can be more insightful, more resilient, more imaginative, and more persuasive. Clearer thinking makes for smarter and more authentic leadership – improvements that spill over into their teams. In short, they become better and more productive leaders.

Helping executives and leaders rethink the way they see themselves and the world is what I do. Because I work with you to get to the core of who you are, we can make the fundamental changes that lead to permanent gains in productivity.

My name’s Marien Perez. I’m a leadership coach and consultant who’s helped hundreds of business leaders from SMEs to multinationals achieve a step-change in performance. If you’d like to expand your capacity for authentic, high-quality leadership we should talk.

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I collaborate with leaders & teams

that want to work with more ingenuity and less resources,
more speed and less stress,
more insight and less worry –
while still living a rich and fulfilling life

“Working with Marien has been invaluable to me because it has been very practical.

I have particularly benefited from understanding better how to nurture my innate resilience and capacity for change; and how to better manage the many maelstroms of senior leadership.
This is as powerful as it is liberating.

Leigh Daynes – Chief Executive Officer - Y Care International


Leadership Coaching

Great leaders are authentic and inspirational. But what is it about you that will persuade many independently minded people to follow your lead?

Leadership Skills

However ‘right’ your ideas and decisions are as a leader, they’ll never be more than ideas if you lack the ability to inspire others into action.

Democratic leadership style

Team coaching

For teams that want to overcome internal blockages and become better collective thinkers. Out of better quality thinking come productive ideas and decisions.

Personal coaching

If you want more from life and work, you are at a turning point, or you wonder how to turn your dissatisfaction into an opportunity – this is for you.

“Working with Marien has been transformative for both my business and personal life. 

We’ve been on a terrific journey of learning and insights into leadership, relationships
and a real deepening of my understanding of how I experience life.

I can’t recommend Marien highly enough.”

Chief Executive Officer (Retired), Sequoia Capital Fund Management


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