What are the 3 Principles?

The 3 Principles Explained

Mind is the intelligence and energy behind life. It is life itself.

Under the right conditions all living beings will thrive – the intelligence behind this is what we call mind. For example, when we are wounded our immune system knows what to do, and an acorn has all the information it needs to become an Oak tree. This source of life and wisdom affects every living being on earth.

At a biological level, mind is our power-source. At a psychological level, it is the source of insight, intuition, wisdom and common sense.

Consciousness is our ability to experience life.

Our consciousness determines how we “see” the world and therefore the quality of our experience. We can experience the same event in different ways because consciousness simply brings to life whatever we are thinking. Since we all have different thoughts, our individual experiences of reality are therefore quite different.

Our own level of consciousness or understanding changes as we get new perspectives. For example, someone that has been made redundant may interpret this as a disaster one day, and another time they may see it as an opportunity to discover what they always wanted to do.

Thought is the fact that we experience life via our thinking.

Thought helps us interpret what we perceive through our senses, and this varies from person to person. For example, even couples or siblings can interpret the same event in different ways, or two workmates may have different stress levels even though they have the same workload.

Our thinking is more than the conversations we are having in our head – it creates our individual perceptions of events in our lives, of other people and of ourselves. Thought generates all the mental activity that determines what we are experiencing at every moment.