3 Principles paradigmThe 3 Principles paradigm is that 100% of our experience comes from the inside-out:  our feelings are coming from thought in the moment. Psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy are based on the premise that our experience of life is outside-in: our feelings are coming from something other than thought in the moment. Some disciplines acknowledge a mixed paradigm – part of our experience comes from our thinking moment to moment, and part doesn’t.

Since this paradigm is 100% true, it is constant, predictive and explanatory.

The 3 Principles, or inside-out paradigm is a completely different way to understand our experience of life, so much so that it is transformational for people when they “see it”. As an example, another change in paradigm happened when they found the earth to be round rather than flat. There were many implications stemming from this belief – for example fishermen were always worried about going far at sea in case they would fall over the “edge”. They would sail near the coastline as that would ensure they were not near the end of the world. Their conversations, their work, their lives revolved around this belief – but now we know that what they did was unnecessary. It took time and a lot of resistance to change their views, but once people accepted that the earth is round their lives became much simpler, there were so many things they no longer had to do, and they could venture out at sea without fear of falling off the edge.

Similarly, the understanding of the 3 Principles allows for so much unnecessary thinking to “fall away”. Conditioned thinking is carried over from the past and often distorted – it includes unhelpful assumptions, “undercurrent” negativity, worry or guilt.  When people learn to recognize the difference between contaminated, learned thinking and new insights, the mental immune system kicks in to ward off emotional stress.

Seeing the logic of the Principles is different to other type of learning you may have done, which adds more “content” to your mind. This approach actually “weeds out” what you don’t need, leaving space for new thought and insight.

Since this is an understanding rather than a method there is nothing to apply, there are only many different levels of understanding of these universal laws that rule our experience of life.

The 3Ps approach may not be a quick fix, but it is a permanent solution.