How to Find a Career where you can Excel Naturally

How to find a career where you excel naturally

When you are choosing a new direction in life, understanding your own personality, innate talents and preferences is essential. They are like the lighthouse that tells you in what direction to move.

Let’s face it: to be happy and successful at work, you need a career that not only matches you skills, but that fits your personality too.

If you are tired of landing jobs that don’t satisfy you, tired of dreading going to work in the morning, tired of feeling exhausted at the end of a day at work and feel you need some help to turn around your professional life, you’ve come to the right place.

I am qualified to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), as well as other personality profiling tools such as the NEO, in my career coaching practice. If you want to use the MBTI for your personal development or to help with your career direction, I recommend you have a full assessment done by a qualified practitioner. I would be pleased to help you through the process.

However, I’m aware that people sometimes want to do this without a career coach, so I have written the next few pages to help give you an indication of where your preferences lie and what to do with the information.

This recognition of your own personal preferences can be invaluable for your personal growth as well as for your sense of purpose and direction in your professional life. And if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to talk to you – just contact Career Coach Marien.

There are four functions in the indicator:

Extroversion & Introversion

Sensing &  Intuition

Thinking &  Feeling

Judging & Perceiving

It’s important to recognise that we all use every single function in our lives. But we also have a preference for some functions over others, while some of them feel more natural and comfortable to us.

The question is not “Which one am I?” but rather “Which do I do first?”

There is no right and wrong here. The real value comes from knowing yourself and knowing where you can stand out and excel without having to work too hard at it. The benefit comes from the knowledge that you may be different to others, but that your talents are equally valid and complementary. This is extremely useful both at work and in your personal life.

If you feel that you could benefit from some career coaching to help you work out the direction your professional life should take…

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