Be your own Wellbeing Coach:
Energise Yourself

Are you giving more energy than you’re getting?

Be your own wellbeing coach: energise yourself

That’s what’s happening to me.

So I’m thinking of activities that give me joy, that are refreshing and energising.

This will become my new game. It’ll include two activities that are inspiring and fun, and two that involve the senses.

For example, 2 of these each day:

  • – Morning reading that inspires me
  • – Contact with nature: cycling/ woods
  • – Laughter: friends, movies, funny cartoons
  • – Yoga class/ meditation

And 2 of these:

  • – Aerobic exercise
  • – Be out in nature, soak it in
  • – Smell the roses/ use aromatherapy
  • – Music – find new tracks/ resuscitate old ones
  • – Tasting food/ cooking what I love – eg chicken & butternut squash

I know you may be thinking: “I don’t have time for this!” And you may well be right, but consider this: is it about quantity or quality?

Think about the long-term effect of regularly energising yourself: you’ll feel better, you’ll have more to give, the quality of what you do will improve, your body will be fitter, your mind will be clearer. So you may have less time to do other things, but it’ll be better quality time.

The plan above is my game. Your own game can be as challenging or as easy to play as you like. It can be as simple as “leave a minute in the morning to be silent and think about what I want”, or “I’ll have a vase with flowers in my office that I enjoy looking at every so often”.

It is you game. You set the rules.

What activities energise you and give you joy?

Marien Perez_Principal Coach_Personal and Professional Life_Coach You_OxfordHi! I’m Marien, Oxford-based wellbeing coach, leadership skills trainer, devoted wife. If you want to reduce me to a sound bite: I release human potential, one person at a time. Contact Wellbeing Coach Marien