Be your own Transition Coach:
Let go of Attachments

I can see how my attachment to people and things keeps me stuck.

Be your own transition coach: let go of attachments

Be your own transition coach

As soon as I’m attached to something, fear kicks in – fear of losing it. So, if I was able to “detach”, even if this is only in my mind, the fear will give way to more space and freedom. Change and transition would get easier. So life would be easier.

What am I most attached to in life, and what would happen if it disappeared?

– Family – my parents and brother live in Spain. If something happened to them it would be terrible. But my daily life would not change much.

– Home – just got this home a year ago, and I’d been yearning for my own home for many years. I’m so happy here. Letting go would be a real challenge. I would go back to rented accommodation. Or maybe I’d move to another country and buy something there. Somewhere sunny… It could open new horizons…

– Website – this happened earlier in the year when someone had the bright idea to hack it. And it really bugged me! Eventually I found someone to help me re-build it from scratch, and I’m happy with the work he’s done. And now I know someone who really knows the subject.

– Job – I adore the work I do, and wouldn’t change it for any other job. But if I couldn’t do it any longer I’d look for something where I don’t have to travel so much. Maybe something local in Oxford that I could do part-time. Then I could use the rest of the time to grow this website and my private coaching practice.

Wow – this is a fab exercise. If I lost everything I’ve got… I’d make it again, I’d survive. That feels good. Freeing. Empowering.

How do you let go of your attachments?


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