Today I’ve started re-reading the book “present moment awareness” by Shannon Duncan.

The power of now - how do you stay present?

It has reminded me of the key role this plays in my well-being AND in my coaching practice. It is vital.

So I’d like to prioritise it in my life. But why?

– To enjoy each moment more
– To have more balance in life, even when it gets hectic
– To get more focus.

And also…

– To worry less – about the future and past
– To be safer – as a cyclist, pedestrian, car driver
– To take my life coaching to the next level.

At the moment I spend most of the time in the past or the future. Time spent thinking about the past is wasted, unless it’s dedicated time for reflection and learning.

Planning for the future is important but unproductive when it’s getting on the way of the present.

In order to live in the present I need dedicated planning and reflection time. This is what I’ll do:

– A notebook or similar that I carry with me to capture important thoughts/ideas. These could be reflections about the past, or future plans.
– A daily reminder of the principles of staying present and the importance of keeping it up. This could involve reading a section of the book in the morning
– Meeting and chatting with people who practice present moment awareness.

Another great source of inspiration is the book “The Power of Now”, by Eckhart Tolle. It is rich and not a book to read fast. Take your time, savour every insight, every thought. This is by far my favourite book out of all those he’s written.

But more important is to find a way that works for you, that you like, and you are happy to stick to.

What’s your method to stay present?

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