The 3 Super Powers

The 3 Super Powers

Understanding the science of success for people, planet and profit

Success can coexist at all levels and can bring people, planet and profit in harmony. We are dedicated to train leaders and coaches on the science of success which dictates success or failure, struggle or ease, creativity or limitation, so they can pass it on to their teams, clients, organisations and society.

People assign their actions and perspectives to externals such as: world events, market and clients expectations, fluctuations in business or team performance. These factors are often uncontrollable, and when they do not behave in the expected way there is external and internal disruption.

The science of success helps us understand how the internal disruption gets created. Through the 3 Super Powers we harness the natural capacity for resourcefulness, innovation and genius that is available to everyone, under any circumstance at any moment.

The 3 Superpowers is a collaboration between Gabriela Maldonado Montano and Marien Perez.