So what am I going to do this time? How will I ensure I keep writing on this Blog, for six months? Particularly when it gets tough?

Be your own results coach – part 2 discover the Daily Action Plan

Be your own Results Coach – part2

I’ll make it into a game.

First I need to know how to win.

What does winning look like in this game?

– Post 2 blogs/month
– For 6 months

What are the rules of this game? The blog has got to be:

– Authentic
– Useful
– Simple

What plan can I come up with to ensure I win?

What’s my daily action plan? This is the daily routine that I know, if I stick to it, I’ll win this game.

Productivity Actions

– Read blogging book – 1 hr
– Research blogs – 1hr
– Write – ½ hr
– Sort blogs – 1hr

Self-care Actions

– Yoga – 15 min minimum
– Meditation – morning and evening
– Exercise – 15 min


What’s your strategy to ensure you stick to your goals and get results?


ps – to find out more about this strategy, read How to Achieve your Goals and find Success

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