Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching unlocks your potential, and the potential of everyone around you

Be an authentic leader

Great leaders are authentic and inspirational

Although they need numerous practical skills, the characteristic that defines them is the natural confidence that comes from understanding themselves and those around them. Confidence makes them genuinely influential, charismatic and empowering. They become better leaders because they recognise the leadership that’s innate in their team, and they have the confidence to bring it out.

Typical outcomes of Leadership Coaching

I work with leaders and executives of all abilities up to C Level. They come to me expecting to learn about what makes great leaders:

Enabling collaboration

Igniting your team’s collective thinking power and wisdom

Executive presence

Discovering the confidence behind gravitas and presence

Communicating with impact

Delivering a message that’s clear, engaging, and persuasive

Sustained high performance

Maintaining resilience no matter how high the pressure or how fast the rate of change

How does it work?

Face to face

We can meet face to face in Oxford, London or elsewhere.


Video-conferencing facilities allow me to reach clients anywhere in the world.


Phone coaching consultations – mobile and landline – are available.

Change begins with 3 steps

1- Discovery

Book a 15-minute call to see if we’re a good fit

2- Goals

A first session to clarify your goals and priorities

3- Actions

An action plan to get to where you want to be
Once we have a plan, our first step is to identify your ‘critical move’. That’s the one key change that has a domino effect on other aspects of your career and leadership potential.

It’s the change that has the biggest effect for the least effort.

What others say

“Marien’s approach is nuanced and subtle, gently opening up new ways of seeing and thinking, and therefore, new opportunities and choices. It has been invaluable to me because it has been very practical.

I have particularly benefited from understanding better how to nurture my innate resilience and capacity for change; and how to better manage the many maelstroms of senior leadership. This is as powerful as it is liberating.

I recommend you to work with Marien without hesitation.”

Leigh Daynes – Executive Director, Doctors of the World UK


Just get in touch to have an informal chat about your needs.

You can call me direct on 01865 751 432 (Oxford), or use the link below