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Leadership Coaching

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Whatever level you’re at in your career, your next step is to take on a more senior leadership role. Who knows, you may head up your own business or even lead an entire organisation.

But where do you find the internal resources to lead your team with conviction? How do you access your inner resilience, clear thinking, new ideas and endless potential for growth? What is it about your presence that will inspire dozens – maybe thousands – of independently minded people to follow your lead? This is where leadership coaching can help.

Exploit your natural leadership skills

We’ll work together to bring out the natural leader within. Leadership is not a simple matter of being self-confident and decisive. The ability to take a team with you depends on inner qualities that allow you to be present and respond in the moment with conviction and clarity of mind – re-assuring team members that you really are the right person to lead them. A team that believes in its leader is far more effective than one that simply does what it’s told.


Maintaining charisma over the long term demands something that can’t be faked – authenticity.

People have to know that you’re speaking with experience and from the heart. We’ll work to let your authenticity shine through.


The most influential people have integrity. Their team knows that they are honest and have the team’s best interests at heart.

As we work together, you’ll see how your integrity naturally comes to the fore.


Leaders always seem larger than life. They have a presence – something that makes them stand out from the crowd and command attention.

Working together will unearth that presence, and the charisma that inevitably comes with it.

“Marien’s extensive leadership coaching resources and background are rare to find. With Marien I’ve changed my approach to business, people, and leadership.

Through our work together I’ve been able to see and recognise my talents, use them more often and more effectively, understand myself better and understand how people perceive me. I’ve also seen some of my weak points, and we’ve worked together to minimise them.

I am now a better leader and person. I can guarantee that this experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. What an investment!”

Andy Peters

Approach to leadership development

Through workshops and one-to-one leadership coaching I help executives across the world develop their potential.

Our first step is to identify your ‘critical move’. That’s the one key change that has a domino effect on other aspects of your career and leadership potential.

It’s the change that has the biggest effect for the least effort. This pragmatic approach is interactive, full of unexpected insights, and underpinned by a bond of trust. Clients like the fact that I give direct feedback, always speak the truth, and offer unconditional support.

I work with leaders and executives of all abilities up to C-level. I coach them for outcomes that include:

  • Personal impact: uncovering the executive presence and the gravitas that makes you the natural choice for your next career move.
  • Effective leadership: discovering your authentic style based on your natural integrity and authenticity.
  • Sustained high performance: maintaining resilience no matter how high the pressure or how fast the rate of change.

Examples of successful Leadership Coaching

This leadership coaching assignment was with a client who found the move from senior management to leadership very challenging. We worked on his leadership style, presence, and charisma. In feedback, a colleague said, “I never saw him this way, but Andy is a natural leader.”

Corporate Finance Director for a global consultancy

I helped my client develop his own authentic leadership style and overcome his fear of public speaking and presenting to the board. After just two months he gave a speech to 500 people that received a standing ovation.

Chief Finance Officer for an engineering company

Joe’s boss wanted Joe to succeed him and lead the team when he retired. But Joe’s communication and leadership skills were not up to the task, so his boss asked me to help. After working with Joe for three months, his boss said: “I don’t know what you’ve done with Joe, but it has worked. He is now clear and less detailed, but more importantly he has the confidence and the attitude of a leader.”

Head of HR for a global pharmaceutical company

The university’s HR department called me to help coach Carlos, an executive whose interpersonal skills were too task-oriented: he was alienating his team. Carlos and I drew up a plan based on a 360 feedback exercise. He never became the most empathetic leader, but his results definitely improved.

Director of a top UK University

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