Be your own success coach, and enjoy the process

Be your own success coach, and enjoy the process

One thing I know:  if I really want to succeed in something  I have to  find the way to keep investing on it, and enjoy the process. Otherwise, on will power alone, I’ll give up.

An example is this blog. I initially thought of having a blog a year ago. Started writing posts and reading about blogging. Initially the motivation to share what I knew was enough to power up my writing.

But after a while it wore off. It became a chore rather than a joy.

This time around, the basis of the blog is my personal development quest. And how that may relate to your own personal development.  It’s about how we can learn from each other, and about being authentic. That is quite a different perspective to the same activity. But this one is fun.

What are you trying to achive in your life? How much are you enjoying the process to get there?

Marien Perez_Principal Coach_Personal and Professional Life_Coach You_OxfordHi! I’m Marien, Oxford-based success coach, leadership skills trainer, devoted wife. If you want to reduce me to a sound bite: I release human potential, one person at a time. Contact Success Coach Marien