After being hacked for over two months, the website is coming back to life, like the Phoenix from the ashes. Literally.

Be your own personal life coach: accepting vs resisting

Be your own personal life coach: accepting vs resisting

Now I am using a different platform that is less vulnerable to attack.

The lesson for me has been learning not to resist what was happening.  Even though I didn’t like it, and it was pretty frustrating as it was taking weeks of work to get to the same place I’d been a year ago.

I was stuck.

Things only started moving when I surrendered and accepted that:

1- the site was going to be down for quite a while, meaning enquiries would come to a halt
2- it would have to be rebuilt, and
3- it was going to lose its ranking

Once I had taken all this on board the emotional charge shifted and I could get on with it. Things started happening.

What do you need to accept in your life, so things start moving?


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