It’s time to stop believing other’s opinions about me.

Be your own personal life coach start believing yourself

Why do I go around in life just listening to others? And just taking what they give me?

For example, yesterday a close friend said: “you don’t care about me”. Now, this pressed my buttons, because:

1- Part of me was afraid that she may be right, because I don’t do everything she expects me to do

2- I didn’t know what to answer – thought I was being accused

3- I DO KNOW that I care about her, even if I don’t do everything she wants. To me, saying no to her does not mean not caring.

Next time, when someone says “you don’t care about me”,  I would like to ask what specifically I have done that makes them say that. What is it that they need from me that they are not getting. Rather than just take their statement and believe it.

Then I’ll listen with curiousity, without jumping into conclusions like “I’m not a good friend”. That’s a label I’m putting on myself. It’s taking their comments and believing them without further analysis or consideration. Who knows, maybe they’ve got a point, and their feedback is genuinely valuable.

So far I’ve been too reactive to stand back and listen. Other times I’ve been afraid to find out more in case I open a can of worms.

What’s your view on this topic? Do you find yourself just believing other’s opinions about you?


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