I just realised how much editing I do.

Be your own Life Coach: remove the mask

Be your own coach: remove the mask

It happens in my head as I write. But writing this journal is different. When here I keep editing to a minimum, as the nature of a journal is to record our un-edited thoughts. And you know what? It’s easier, and at times even better, than other writing I do.

That’s because it’s authentic. When I change it I destroy its soul. I strip its beauty from it because I’m afraid.

Afraid it won’t be good enough.
And that is what we do in life too. In our interactions with others we worry about how we may come across, so we “edit” ourselves. We put on a mask that we think is prettier than we are.

But going around with that mask on takes a lot of energy. Like with writing, when we let it flow it gets easier. It’s more authentic, more likeable, more you.

What editing do you do? Who is the authentic you?

photo by Riccardo-Cuppini