I’m inspired by Eckhart Tolle.  Particularly the concept of living in the present moment.

Be your own life coach: face your dragons

Be your own life coach: face your dragons

After practicing this for a while I can notice my own destructive thinking.  And there’s still plenty of it! Particularly comparisons, envy, and “clever tactics”. So I’m trying to observe these happening and not react to them. Otherwise I end up blaming myself for having them, rather than celebrating the new awareness.

I’ve noticed that when I pay attention to these thoughts and just observe them, they lose their intensity. It’s like facing the monster in a nightmare – the monster disappears, and so does the fear.

I guess this is what M meant when she told me “to become a Masterful Coach you before need to become a Masterful Human Being –and for that you’ll have to face your dragons” and accept them as part of your human nature (this is my bit). Then change will happen naturally.

How do you deal with your dragons?


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