I am feeling more relaxed and at peace.

Be your own life coach: find peace

It’s been helpful to observe my feelings, judgments and resistance without reacting to them. Being the observer.

At times I could “watch” my brain at a crossroads, deciding which way to go. One way may have been feeling upset about on-going problems with the website.

Another option was feeling the excitement at the prospect of changing our home, and another focusing on the cooking I was actually doing. Then I could pick the path I wanted to follow. For about 10 seconds .

I’m fascinated by the prospect of being aware of what happens in my mind, and then having a choice of the direction to go.

Also, it’s comforting to know there’s stillness and peace in me, even if the outside seems to be falling apart.

What has helped is spending some time every day just being still. Just letting my mind rest. It is like going home, and also the time of the day when I tap into what really matters to me. It’s so easy to be drawn into having to achieve and do more!

What is your time to think? How do you step out from the hectic pace of life? 


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