Last week a friend and I went to our first African drumming session. By then the group was well formed, and we both felt utterly lost.

Be your own life coach: face your insecurities

Be your own life coach: face your insecurities

We spent most of the time looking confused, giggling nervously and trying to catch up.

Then I realised this was an opportunity to face my insecurities. I noticed how I was telling myself that “I was crap at drumming” (which is true) and “I looked like an idiot” (probably true too).

Noticing these thoughts helped me stay in the moment, keep going, and join the group when I could. More importantly, it helped me BE with myself and my imperfections, look at them in the eye without judgement. How freeing!

What helps you face your insecurities?


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Photo by Hoch Sollst Du Leben