It’s only recently that I have realised how much mind-reading I do. You know what I mean: guessing what others are thinking.

Be your own authenticity coach: how can you be more authentic in your life?

Be your own Authenticity Coach

I do it all the time.

And it gets on my nerves.

But yesterday I managed to be authentic during a heated discussion with a friend. I was honest about what was going on for me. And also listened to her. Without superiority, or inferiority, or judgment (well, there was a bit of judgment …).

I found the whole thing liberating, like I could finally ride along on my bicycle without a heavy rucksack I’d been carrying.

It wasn’t easy, and it was possibly a one-off.

So, how can I sustain this? How can I be myself? How can I be real more often? Or, even better: how can I pass this to others?

In my life coaching practice – that’s the place to be 100% authentic, and where I can model what being authentic is like.

For example, yesterday I’d have been more authentic if I had expressed my concern as my client became quieter and retreated.  She seemed unable to listen.

Next time I’ll tell her what I’ve noticed, and see if she wants to take more time in the session, move faster to pin down a tactic, or stay processing what we have just discovered.

That’s it: being authentic as a life coach involves noticing what’s going on for me, and saying it out loud.

Even if it’s not easy to hear.

How can you be more authentic in your life?

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