Executive, Leadership and Team Coaching

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Imagine working with more ingenuity and less resources, more speed and
less stress, more insight and less worry – while still living a rich and fulfilling life.

Executive, Leadership and Team Coaching

Most people have untapped resources. They can be more insightful, more resilient, more imaginative, and more persuasive. These improvements in the quality of their thinking make them smarter – an effect that spills over into their teams. In short, they become better and more productive leaders.

Helping leaders and executives rethink the way they see themselves and the world is what I do. Because I work with you to get to the core of who you are, we can make the fundamental changes that lead to permanent gains in productivity.

My name’s Marien Perez. I’m a leadership coach who’s helped hundreds of business leaders from SMEs to multinationals achieve a step-change in performance. If you’d like to expand your capacity for high-quality leadership we should talk.

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“Marien is results-oriented, dedicated and very professional. She brings to the sessions the experience of having worked with leaders at all levels for many years. 

As a result of having leadership and team coaching with Marien, I am now better aware of myself as a leader. I know how to motivate my team, build them up and leverage their strengths”

Leadership Skills Coaching in London and OxfordRichard Stanfield Property Director Jesus College Oxford University

Release the natural leader within

Let’s work together to bring out the natural leader within – the type of leader your organisation
and your team needs. By applying the latest discoveries in neuroscience and neuropsychology, you’ll bring deeper insights into your decision-making and spark the inherent intelligence within your team.

The result is better decision-making all round, and more freedom and independence for your team.

You’ll create an environment in which everyone can shine.

Leadership Coaching

Whatever level you’re at in your career, your next step will likely bring more responsibility and a bigger team. Who knows, maybe you’re the person to lead the entire organisation.

But where do you find the internal resources to lead your team with conviction? What is it about you that will persuade many independently minded people to follow your lead? This is where a leadership coach can help.

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Team Coaching

I help existing teams overcome internal blockages to promote more open and productive conversations.

Out of productive conversations, come good ideas, decisions, and clear direction.  My expertise lies in identifying and working through these issues so the team can work better, individually and collectively, for the benefit of the organisation.

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Development Coaching

Who benefits most from working with a coach?  Executives, senior managers, leaders, professionals, and anyone who wants to identify different fields where they can excel, and pull up the courage to do something about it.

It’s your turn to invest in yourself. It’s never too late to reach for what you really want. It’s never too late to find out that you have more skills, resources, and opportunities than you imagined.

Testimonials for Marien –  Leadership and Team Coach

CarolynDaviesTestimonial_Coach You_Life Coaching_Oxford_UK“I have worked with Marien in her professional capacity as a personal and group coach for more than two years.

I am always impressed with the way in which she ‘tunes in’ to people, whether when working with a group or coaching an individual client.

Carolyn Davies, Director - Acting for Change

PeterDelvesTestimonial_Coach You_Life Coaching_Oxford_UK“Marien has a brilliant ability to support and guide individuals through a process of change.

I have witnessed her coaching skills first hand and she is able to combine warmth and empathy with insight and professionalism. This is a rare combination, and I would encourage anybody who may be thinking of coaching to put Marien at the top of their list.”

Peter Delves, Director - Peter Delves Associates

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